Maha Himalaya – Entering Higher Dimensions

Human life is full of complications. But it has one special quality which is spirituality.

Himalaya is such a place where everybody wants to come and do some sadhana or spiritual practice. But the environment in Himalaya is harsh.
Temperature is very low, some places oxygen is also less.

Rishis of India discovered and invented a unique way through which a yogi can happily live in such extreme environment and move rapidly in the path of Spirituality.

For someone who cannot live at such heights, or do sadhana in such extreme environment, such sadhaka should try to get some knowledge, initiation from his or her guru which will enable the sadhaka to start receiving the essence of knowledge spontaneously.

Kaulantak Nath Alakh Niranjan Leading From Darkness To Light

Many a times sadhak would want to come to Himalaya to do sadhana but most often their aim of doing sadhana in Himalaya would be do gain prosperity in materialistic world or to fullfill some materialistic desire. But it must be made clear that sadhana path is not for somebody who wants material wealth, or name and fame or other gross materialistc desire.

Sadhana has only one principle, and that is to always move forward on the eternal path of spiritual practice, to walk the path shown by the Guru, but at the core of this activity, the intention should not be any selfish motive.

Maha Avadhoot Kaulantak Nath Maha Siddha Mahayogi Satyendra Nath ji
Maha Avadhoot Kaulantak Nath Maha Siddha Mahayogi Satyendra Nath ji

Someone who has nothing to do with the mainstream materialistic society, who has no desire for any personal gain in physical world, and who only has the desire to know the essence of universe and gain knowledge of universal mysteries, and the knowledge of truth, to know about the workings of Maya and what happens behind the veil of maya in this creation. Only such people have the eligibility to come and do sadhana in Himalaya.

For ordinary sadhaka, it is not at all required to come and do sadhana in Himalaya, because their thinking, their capabilities and their desires are also of much smaller scale and limited.

But supreme sadhaka, rishi, yogis wander in Himalaya, because their is a deeper science behind it. That science cannot be known to an ordinary sadhaka.

Ishaputra Meditating in  one Snow Valley in Himalaya
Ishaputra Meditating in one Snow Valley in Himalaya

Not all sadhaka understands the actual form and shape of sadhana. There are many delusional ideas and superstitions conjured up in such a sadhaka mind about sadhana.

For example, such sadhaka believes that God comes or answers when called.
But the truth is God is eternal and ever present and is everywhere! For God it is not a big deal to be always in anwering mode. God can appear anywhere, anytime but we ourself do not have the eligibility or “Patrata” to experience or know this. Every single particle in the universe, every single atom of the universe is the witness to God’s existence and proof of God’s existence and keeps anouncing this fact all the time.

An ordinary sadhaka tries to understand it from the intellect and misses this truth. The essential knowledge of the universe and omnipresent tattva of Ishwara is revealed to such sadhaka only when the consciousness of such sadhaka centres at point and the light of the universe shines inside that sadhaka.

Kaulantak Nath Alakh Niranjan Leading From Darkness To Light

Until this happens, all efforts to convey the idea of spirituality and God’s essence is futile. It is like trying to explain something to someone who has no idea of the language in which it is spoken.

That’s why the language used by rishis, yogis, siddhas, mystics is not easily understandable to an ordinary person. This language is amazing, and is very subtle. That is yogis chose solitude.

Himalaya has three unparalleled quality which is amazing. First, that there is solitude, the environment is pristine and spiritually vibrant. Then secondly, here there is eternal silence, eternal concentration and light of energy Shakti flowing, That is why mountain peaks, snow covered areas, and such places are considered holy.

Kaulantak Nath in Himalayan Mountain Peak
Kaulantak Nath in Himalayan Mountain Peak

And it is not necessary that since there is snow capped Himalaya in India then only that Himalaya should be praised.

Wherever there is snow capped mountains in whichever country that area by itself is rare and amazing center.

Sadhaka should try to experience such places all the time, one should aspire to belong to such places and do yoga practices there.

How to stay in such snow capped mountains is also very necessary to understand. “Agni Vidya” is an outward form of science. But there is another source of energy which resides in Muladhara chakra, and when we awaken the fire in that centre, then that “Agni Vidya” enables one to stay in such areas. Otherwise one cannot really stay for long in such places. Because it is very cold on such Himalaya, then being so high from sea level, and for an ordinary person who lives a life with limited exposure to nature will not accept such environment easily. That is why, sadhaka are of two categories. One style wherein all kinds of sadhaka can do spiritual practice. Then there is another style or category of sadhaka who are tough. Such sadhaka make themselve so strong and powerful that they can then withstand extreme climate. They can survive in any climate and can transform them to any environment. Only such sadhaka can move forward on the path of Siddha.

Son of God Kaulantak Nath Agni Tattva
Son of God Kaulantak Nath Agni Tattva

KAULANTAK NATH says in vedas the worship of Agni is of the prime focus. Agni is the main and visible god. The visible agni or fire is just a small part of the big brahma agni. Agni resides in various forms like yogagni, surya agni, chandra agni, mulagni. The base of all yagya is agni itself. Everything is the manifestation of agni itself. Agni resides in all duality of heaven and hell, life and death. Because it is the visible manifestation of Maha HiranyaGarbha and it delivers the oblations of yagya to the gods so the divine agni  is known as Jataveda Agni. It is due to this fact that the body is cremated in an open air and agni reducing the body to the ashes. One day the whole universe is going to be offered to Agni. This is why the worship of Agni is done by the scholars. Its secrets and mysteries are only known by Siddhas –  OM AM AGNE NAMAH.

IshaPutra Son of God
IshaPutra Son of God

It must be noted that even an ordinary sadhaka doing sadhana at smaller scale in home, or ashrams can also be Siddha. To do sadhana in Himalaya one must start somewhere and even small sadhana at any location slowly slowly will build up momentum in sadhaka that one day that sadhaka can become ready for doig sadhana in Himalaya.

Himalaya is bestowed with Divinity to expand and preserve spirituality and to awaken infinite consciousness in individuals.

This is only possible when a sadhaka lives with a guru being free from the guru bhav. That means living not as a disciple. This is only possible when the sadhaka assimilate the Guru inside himself or herself completely. Sort of absorb the essence of the guru and drink all the knowledge pouring forth from the Guru!

Many sadhaka have this desire to know about Siddhas, to know about secretive traditions of Himalaya but it must be clearly stated that the traditions of Himalaya or gurus of Himalay will never want anybody to know them or come near them.
Why is that you ask? The reason is “intellectual syncronization”.

“Intellectual syncronization” means when one person starts understand the intellect of the other then there is intellectual syncronization.
Most of the time how a sadhaka or himalayan sadhaka thinks or lives is not comprehensible to some other sadhaka. Ordinary sadhaka doesn’t know what he or she should think or not think. That is why when talking about Spirituality makes no sense.

And hence, when one visits Himalaya in search of Siddhas, those siddhas keep distance and never show or reveal themselves. Some sadhaka actually feel disheartened by it and become even angry. They feel frustrated that even though they want to do sadhana, acquire knowlege but they feel they don’t have proper guru, and nobody is listening.

All this is actually not true. Siddhas, rishis of Himalaya have not spent a singple moment in their lives when they haven’t thought about upliftment and welfare of all humanity. They definitely send some guru or sadhaka to mainstream society for showing the right path to all sadhaka in the world. Leaving Himalaya such chosen sadhaka goes to the mainstream society and tries to show the light and the path to everybody.

Siddhas have always cared about the society. Yogis and siddhas leaving incognito and in secret, listen and understand all humanity and whenever anybody sincerely calls them they do respond.

But this doesn’t mean one should reach Himalay and start searching Siddhas and yogis. These siddhas and yogis will never want anybody to come to them without doing sadhana. That’s why one must do sadhana wherever he or she is before coming to Himalaya. To live on Himalaya is not possible for everybody.

And even just living on Himalaya is not going to give one anything, one must have the right qualities and eligibilities.

Then many sadhaka haven’t even seen such areas of Himalaya where siddhas have made home, which has mystical and secret doorways through which one gains entry in MahaHimalaya – which is the subtle astral realm superimposed on the gross physical dimension. Almost all avatars, siddhas, maha yogis who have actually achieved any height in field spirituality has talked about it.
There is this physical expanse of mountains in Himalaya which can be seen through eyes and felt ordinarily, which is the visible Himalaya.
But there is another invisible Himalaya on top of this visible Himalaya. And across all yugas, this invisible Maha Himalaya has sent its messengers, its representatives to the known world carrying the message of truth. Message of Rishis, and siddha yogis.
Death is not the end of life, rather there is another amazing life after death. And in fact, one can gain access to that astral life usually accible after death, even being alive.
And that is sadhaka life – a spiritual life.

Everyone should aspire to get to that stage but not by being stubborn but by following the path shown by gurus.
One must not be stuck to ideas that one has to receive ShaktiPath, UdharvaPath from guru, or wish that guru will remove all troubles in life, these are small things in life.

When a sadhaka become grand then that sadhaka is not limited to such ideas. Such sadhaka rises above these petty wishlist. Therefore all sadhaka must visit guru to do sadhaka for self realization, for devotion to God and to know the truth. And not for alleviating pain or suffering. These are small things. When one does sadhana of God, then all things are taken care of, all bad things leave and good things start to happen. Life automatically becomes harmonized.

Only gurumantra is that boat through which one gets connected with the guru. And the guru connect with his guru and such link goes to Lord God Shiva and Shakti. So this is a connection series and link of nodes. Therefore leaving all troubles, anxiety and worries, one must walk the path of such yogis, siddhas which is sanatana – eternal.
Rishis, munis have walked this path, and known the truth and that tradition and taken it forward to new heights.

So one can live in opposing circumstances in life, but it is not easy to do sadhana of god in opposing environment. And it is this lifestyle that evolves one from man to god. And expands the consciousness to such vastness that enables the sadhaka to know the infinite reality of Divnity.

Only gurumantra is the key to open all doors to higher dimensional reality of spiritual worlds.

Alakh Niranjan Adesh!


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