Maha Shakti Tantra

Kaulantak Tradition recommends doing sadhana of “Dakshin Kali” first, so that one can become eligible to know mysteries of all Divine Shakti of “Kali Kula”. 64 Krityas come under Kali Kula. Mystical yoginis and yakshinis of tamas gunas are also related to it. Shakta tantra recommendsto keep hidden, all the mystical and secretive forms of Dakshin Kali. We also will adhere to that norm and won’t divulge those mystical forms here. This knowledge is to be obtained from guru.
Kaulantak Tradition gives emphasis on rituals of “KaamKala Kali” but it doesn’t mean that other forms of Kali are ignored. Kaulantak Tradition has accepted the love between man and woman and in spiritual path of a sadhaak and has never considered woman (or man) to be an obstacle.
But Goddess Kali is MahaShakti, she has covered her form with “Tamas” and because of that she has assumed ghastly and destructive form. Therefore sadhakas are adviced to give prime importance to “Dakshin Kali”. A lot of sadhakas always do mantra jaap and sadhana of Dakshin Kali, but in kaulantak tradition mantra pronunciations and style is very different and even the mantra is slightly different.
But most important information is that Kali is associated with cremation grounds.
This cremation ground is not the one where dead bodies are burnt, but this cremation ground is the universe at the time of destruction or collapse. Agni tatva or fire element is its essential nature.  Shakti never breaks the boundaries of norms. She herself is the nature and creates nature.
This mysterious shakti tantra is eternally new and fresh,
Shakti is always in motion and never desires cessation. She gives creativity, activity, obsession, mania, passion, goals etc, so that one reaches the highest position and understand the construction of “Maya” and enjoy the bliss and anand, which cannot be expressed in words. It is ever new and is like magic.
Kurukulla Mandalam created during Gupta Navaratri

Kurukulla Mandalam created during Gupta Navaratri

The “Kaulantak sect” bases itself with the shakta tantra.
Humans have both masculinity and feminity elements  in them.When one emerges the other hides inside, like masculinity inside feminity and vice versa. The Shiva-Shakti tattva is beyond gender and this mystery is manifested by tantra.The main point of the shakta tantra is that a man’s completeness is woman and lies in femininity and for women it is men and masculinity. When both the elements neutralize then one experiences Shivbhav which is completeness and Mahadev Shiva himself created it in the form of Ardhanarisheswara.
Ardhanarishwar Shiv Shakti

Ardhanarishwar Shiv Shakti

For this reason in shakta tantra the naked pictures of men and women are drawn and one understand it to be vulgar but in fact this is totally wrong as shakta tantra opens the door through the secrets of body and its inner mysteries to beyond bodily experiences. But this is considered very complex and most of the time the sadhaks degrades in this path and because of this the path is sort of prohibited too.
“Bhagawati Kalika” is considered as the life force of this science.
Kalika having both vama and dakshina path, the vama path is kept most secret and hidden from worldly affairs and only disclosed to the person living in seclusion, while as Dakshin path was disclosed to all sadhaks and also for the householders too. The goddess of this path would be called “Dakshina Kali” or “Dakshina Kalika”. The Dakshina Kali is the representation of the complete Kali. The Kaulantak sect worships Kali in the form of “Kamakalakali”.
In the best tantra peeth of Himalaya established in the form of Kaulantak Peeth since yugas, all the worship procedures of Shakti comes under Shakta Tantra.
Kaulantak Nath Maha Shakti Tantra

Kaulantak Nath Maha Shakti Tantra

 This shakta tantra is not a book but is collection of unwritten rules and traditions. Since Shaiv and Shakta believes both are accessible only through guru, therefore at first we present shakta tantra based photo of Kaulantak Peeth Peethadheeshwar Mahayogi Satyendra Nath Ji Maharaj. And pray to him to unveil all such secrets. “Ishaputra” by himself is a mystery, his expanse can only be known by a sadhaka, who has done deep study in tantra. The main shakti of Kaulantak Peeth is Devi Kurukulla who is famous as goddess of miracles. Essentially, Goddess Kurukulla is Durga Ji or Shakti, but because of her “Rajas” guna and being a distinct avatar she is also known as “Red Tara” or Rakta Tara”. But as prescribed whatever prayer is offered to Devi must be kept secret. Kaulantak Peeth consider the ten Mahavidyas to be the foundation and worships several mother shaktis along with 64 yoginis. Kaulantak sect’s shakta tradition considers Maa Parvati as chief proponent and her worship is considered very important. But alll knowledge comes from head of Shakta.

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  1. Pranam Shri Gurudev, I am the devotee of Maa Dakshin Kali, So kindly send me Kaamkalakali, upasana mantra & its vidhi, vidhan to my email. Dhanyavad.

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